Unipad® Meat- and fish has a unique absorption capacity for blood-water and other fluids in food packaging.


This solves the problem faced by many producers due to blood and other fluids exuding from the products after packing at the factory. 

Unipad® absorbents ensure that your product is at its best, both in the store display and home to the end user!

The absorbents can be supplied as required by client’s choice of detail regarding colour, size and absorption capacity. 

All our absorbents are produced with PE or aluminium outers to ensure that all fluids and odours remain in the pad.   

Our full range of absorbents is available as standard in all sizes from 5x5 cm up to 37x69 cm.

Absorbent capacity is geared to the requirements of the final product, and can be specified from 10 ml to 6 litres. 

The absorbents are EK approved.   ​


Aluminium absorbents are effective both before and during preparation.  

These are recommended for use in ovens and grills with temperatures up to 250 degrees.







Wide range of 

sizes available

Available in 

all colours

        Welded seam gives

greater absorption capacity

    and optimum freshness