Raw materials and seafood specialities

Raw materials to the food and beverage industries


Our import department is based on generations of close, hands-on experience in the market,

and has been a leading supplier of raw materials to the food industry since 1924. 

We create long-term and reliable relationships between RM producers and the food and catering industry.

Imported products


NFC juice (not from concentrate).

Pulp/Puree of fruits and berries, both pure and also mixed flavor natural products.

Berries, fruits and vegetables.


Freeze dried coffee

Olive oil and other vegetable oils.

H/G or fillets of Mackerel, herring  and other exciting seafood species for secondary processing.

Seafood export


During the the past 15 years Bjarne Johnsen has built up a solid export of high quality Norwegian seafood specialities.


We have specialised in niche areas, principally crab, both live and frozen variants to meet the growing  

needs of consumers and industry, and not least the increasing demand for the “newer” species in our waters.

​Many years of close co-operation with producers and suppliers to has enabled us to achieve the products suited to

demanding markets. In this way we have earned solid and long term relationships.

Groceries and quality


Bjarne Johnsen has many years of experience in satisfying the strict qualitative and

logistical requirements of a nationwide and changing retail system​.


We supply the leading retail chains, HORECA market and food processing industry in accordance

with the market’s demands and insist on our suppliers operating a first class quality control system.

Contact us:

Eli Brakstad


+47 90 65 43 23

Krabbe, sjømat, juicekonsentrat, postei, matvarer

Krabbe, sjømat, juicekonsentrat, postei, matvarer


Therese Lundstrøm
+47 90 78 83 07