Fruit and Vegetables



Decades of first-hand experience with planned production and import of potatoes has given Bjarne Johnsen AS top competence and expertise amongst all those who deal in this very important product. 


Daily contact with our producers and contacts abroad ensure that we are constantly kept

updated with reliable first hand information - from all over the world.

Our target market is the domestic consumer and we work closely with specialist potato packers to achieve this.  

Today these packers are mostly owned by the supermarket chains and our close relationship

with the potato packers is still the most practical and economical route to the domestic consumer.


Day by day and year by year we import potatoes from countries including France,

England and Denmark.  New potatoes are imported from Cyprus and Spain.  


We also supply potatoes to Norwegian industrial users when required.

Fruit and Vegetables


Our department for fruit and vegetables has been active since 1924, and we have weekly

refrigerated trucks importing from all parts of Europe. 


Pears from Belgium, apples from Italy and clementines from Spain to name but a few.   

Our full range of  fruit and vegetables comprises hundreds of different products,

some available all year round and some seasonal. 


Our customers are the fruit and vegetable wholesalers.


Bjarne Johnsen’s large network of growers and transport companies throughout Europe,

makes it possible for us to import to Norway at short notice.  This is something which our clients really appreciate.

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