About us

Our vision is to continue to provide goods of the best quality at competitive prices.

For more than 90 years Bjarne Johnsen AS has built up national and world-wide

networks of producers and manufacturers.


It is our tradition to sell high-quality products at competitive prices, and our

key aim is always to achieve long-term and mutually successful relationships.   


As a major importer and exporter of products over national borders, Bjarne Johnsen AS

is very well versed and experienced in international commerce.

We and our specialist staff always work closely with suppliers and producers with regard

to quality guidance.  That ensures that our customers can depend

on good and reliable quality.



We always ensure that transport is speedy and reliable to avoid any loss of

quality and provide punctual deliveries.

As a major importer, buyer and supplier, Bjarne Johnsen AS has invaluable

experience and expertise in international trade and transport. 

This is especially important in the field of sensitive fresh fruit and vegetables,

and for many years we have had close relationship with Bring AS for these

demanding product groups.

Our export department looks after air-freight shipments and container

shipments of fresh, live and frozen products to customers world-wide, and

we finalise documentation and customs clearance in-house.


Sales and Delivery terms

Clear sales and delivery terms are an advantage for all concerned.

Recent years have witnessed a marked globalization resulting in increased

international trade. Not least, the EØS- agreement has boosted Norway’s

trade with the whole EU and beyond.


For sales and supply contracts Bjarne Johnsen AS therefore use Incoterms 2010.

Reference to that EU-publication in a purchase agreement clearly defines the

individual duties of both parties, thereby reducing the risk of judicial arbitration.

Ref. See Incoterms 2010, and Sales and delivery terms. 

Handelshus innen absorbenter, pappskåler, juice, krabbe, hermetikk, frukt- og grønt, poteter, tekstil og outdoorprodukter.